Breeds of the Horse. 

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Breeds of the Horse

(Alphabetical Index)

       Breeds - A.                 Breeds - Arabian.   

   Breeds - B & C.         Breeds - D & E.

Breeds - F & G.         Breeds - H & I.

 Breeds - J & K.         Breeds - L & M.

 Breeds - N & O.        Breeds - P & Q.

Breeds - R & S.        Breeds - T & U.

  Breeds - V & W.        Breeds - X,Y & Z


No doubt there are breeds that are not yet in the index, most likely due to lack of a good photograph. In some cases photos have been donated by owners, breeders or others, in others I have had to use older photos or illustrations for copyright reasons, and in all these cases WHEEP does not hold rights and I would like to thank all those who have contributed. If you have any breeds or additional photos you would like to see added please mail us at the link below. The breeds index is a free service - please support the site and project by becoming a member - click on the link at the bottom of the page. Thankyou.




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